Training Calendar/Online Training

We will resume training at the academy beginning August 2020. We will post notices of training here on the website, our Facebook page and send emails to all training coordinators.   

The 2020 Training Calendar

Virtual Reality Trainer

A 4 hour law enforcement in-service class, utilizing the V/R system, is available on De-escalation / Decision Making / Use of Force training.  You will need to make an appointment.

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care

This class will consist of (4) hrs. classroom and (4) hrs. hands-on.  Due to COVID the classroom portion will be computer based, but the practical application will be here with instructors. The online portion is instructor lead classroom style, not self-paced. The first class will be on-line September 4, the hands on portion September 25th, 1300 - 1500.

Firearms Instructor Certification

N.R.C.J.T.A. will be conducting a Firearms Instructor Development Course October 26-30, 2020.  This class will be limited to (14) operators due to restrictions.  The dead-line to register is October 12, 2020.  This course will be (5) 8 hour days.

Contact Person(s): Capt. J. Thacker 540-320-6412 or Lisa Sullivan 540-674-5856 ext.100

Firearms Instructor Re-Certification

N.R.C.J.T.A. will be holding a Firearms Instructor Re-certification Class on Wednesday October 28, 2020.  This class will be limited to (20) instructors.  Register before October 28, 2020.  There will be a range portion to this class, so bring all appropriate gear.

Expandable Baton Instructor

N.R.C.J.T.A. will be conducting an Expandable Baton Instructor Course on October 5-6, 2020.  This class will be limited to (20) students.  Register before October 5, 2020.  It is recommended that you bring any protective gear that you need, but a mouth piece is mandatory.

Law Enforcement/Civil Process/Courtroom Security/Jail In-service

N.R.C.J.T.A. will be putting on an In-service Class on November 16-19, 2020.  This class will satisfy the in-service requirements for the above certifications.  Register for this class before November 16.  There are 18 remaining slots. (As of 9/17/2020)

Legal Update/Cultural Diversity Workshop

N.R.C.J.T.A. will be putting on a Legal Update/Cultural Diversity Workshop on December 14, 2020.  This class will satisfy the Legal Update and Cultural Diversity in-service requirements for the Law Enforcement/Jail/Civil Process/Courtroom Security certifications.  There are 18 slots remaining. (As of 9/17/2020)

Call the academy to sign up for upcoming classes. All agencies must register through their agency head or training coordinator.

Online Training

The 3rd  quarter session for online training will begin on July 1, 2020 and will continue until September 15, 2020.

Online Training Signup Sheet

Dispatch Online Training Signup Sheet

Online Training Assistance and Technical Information Sheet